Gibberish...Plain Gibberish Part Deux!

Is it me or is there anyone else out there that is disturbed at the digitial converion commercials?

My Uggs are 6 years old but I refuse to retire them.

If you have a continuous headache does that mean you have a giant foot growing in your brain?

When will I really be ready to go on a diet?

How many of you are planning to go to Disney on your birthday and get in free?

I love the socks from The Gap.

I confess, I am addicted to this seasons' The Bachelor.

I would like to try yoga again.

Can you believe the size of this cactus?

I can't wait to watch the Inauguration. (that is a difficult word to say)

I pray that our new President will be safe from harm.

My best tool in the kitchen is the Onion Slicer. I will blog about this.

Can you go a day without blogging? Nah, me neither.

I don't get the phrase "My bad".

I cannot believe I will be 55 this year.


Sue said…
I can't believe I will be 60 next year.....thanks for depressing me.
Grandma J said…
I love my Uggs too! My favorite kitchen tool is probably my spatulas...nothing else is a good substitute.

I will visit Disney a whole bunch but not on my birthday (I don't think). the grandkids have annual passes, and I know too many cast members.

I love cacti, can't wait to drive back through the south west.

I'm well into my 60's, and don't know where the years went!
Those commercials drive me nuts. Recently I can go a day or even two without blogging;) Ugg's should never be retired;) Happy future Friday Deb;)
imom said…
I love that "just type whatever comes into your head" post.

I'm closer to 50 than 40 and will continue to get closer as each day goes by... gah!

I will not be going to Disneyland for my birthday.

My best kitchen tool is the wine opener.
shara said…
Disneyland? What is that? Birthday? Such strange words and concepts you use....

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