Blogging Void

The last few days have been filled with numerous tasks and errands which, much to my surprise, has left a blogging void. You see, once Monday rolls around, I am a full time baby sitter for my little guy, Jack. We have enjoyed the almost two week vacation of sleeping late, technically, I am the only one that sleeps late (if you consider 9:00 am late!). We have been working at a manic pace to put away the Christmas decorations and tackle some of the remaining boxes that were pushed to the side.
I may be ready to post some new photos sans the Christmas decorations tonight. After all, this is how we live for 10 1/2 months of the year.
Until tonight, my friends.


Mental P Mama said…
I want some pictures of Jack;)
Country Girl said…
Congratulations on your 201st post! Sorry you're having a blogging void. And I can't believe you have that much energy. I don't feel like putting away my holiday stuff, so I'm just leaving it out for now.
shara said…
My four goals for yesterday were to put away the Christmas decorations, clean my room, clean the car and go to the yarn store. I ummm, went to the yarn store... does that count??
Chere said…
I haven't had a lot of time to blog lately. Busy with new year activities.

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