Monday, January 26, 2009

Trying My Hand at Windows Live Writer

Thanks to my blog friend, Kate, over at Chronicles of a Country Girl, she told me about Windows Live Writer. 

Ladies, let me tell you if you like fancy fonts, this is for you. 
Are you like me and struggle with adding hyperlinks?  Windows Live Writer Download allows you to easily create the hyper links you want without all of the errors.  


And adding photos in Blogger can be a nightmare!  Am I right?  Your intention is to place your photos in order, but ends up in reverse order.  Let’s face it, some of us can be a bit challenged when it comes to picking up new skills, '’cause, we are not as young as we used to be.  :)

OK, there are a few things I have to learn, like how to change the font in my title, but so far….

I am loving it.



imom said...

I was going to try Live Writer, but I use a Mac and Live Writer and Mac don't play well together. Your site looks great! Have fun playing with it.

Country Girl said...

Cool! You did it! I don't know how to change the post title font either. I like it because you can make the photos really big.

~Vanessa~ said...

Keep us posted please :)

Deb said...

Country Girl is can make your photos as large as you like. :)

Chere said...

Deb, You may have saved my sanity. I get so XX@#@#@ at trying to do things sometime and can't get them to work. I my check out this site. Your blog is great. I could never get the picture of the Woman's Daybook to work. I am really slow.

Sue said...

Hi Deb...I learned the hard way downloading pictures...I list all the numbers of the photo's I want then start from the back to the front...downloading the last picture first. The picture you want to be first gets downloaded last....wacky no?

shara said...

I love the new look! And thanks for the link. I downloaded it and will try it later on.

Hope you are staying warm!

Maria said...

Glad to see others get frustrated with the pics. I load mine backwards as well but still get frustrated moving them around & getting my text to print where I want etc. around the pics, oh well, learning