Weekend Photos

This weekend, my son hosted our monthly family gathering at his house.

my kids

Any man or woman would be proud to have these four faces as a member of their family. Everyone is smiling except for that baby of mine. He had his eyes on the trout in the fish tank. Yes, you heard me right. Trout in the fish tank.


Mr. Trout is an ornery little fish and is the reason he lives alone in this tank. All other inhabitants are ingested as nourishment.


Tim, Jack, Uncle Steven, Samson and Matt

I’m sure you can tell that I have been in a blogging funk of late. Inspiration has escaped me. Perhaps if I take a few day sabbatical, I can find my mo-jo. Has anyone seen my mo-jo?


Mental P Mama said…
Your mojo and my muse have run off together. They'll be back. I hope;) Love the pics....
Country Girl said…
I feel the same way, like I have nothing to say. And maybe our mojo's are out partying somewhere, leaving us home.
Lots of family love here. Good to see all those smiles.
And um, why is there is a trout in the fishtank?
imom said…
You have a lovely family, including the trout and the puppy!! I hope your mojo returns. I enjoy reading what you have to say!
Jojo said…
That is the coolest that you have a monthly family gathering! Everyone seems to be having a great time except for that poor trout!
Grandma J said…
I've never had mojo. If you find yours will you please share?

Your "men" are all so adorable!
Sue said…
what an adorable family....I have been away too long or your blogging on "speed"....I missed so much!!

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