Gibberish…Just Gibberish

What a surprise…Crystal Palin dumped Levi…

What was supposed to be a cloudy day today has developed into a sunny, cooler day…

Today is Respite Thursday, and we are outta here!

What happened to the Man from U.N.C.L.E.?

I have to clean my oven … it’s really gross…

Am working on my Etsy site…

Still contemplating about that eyelet dress…Gosh, it is cute!

Am now using sugar free coffee creamer…I have to start somewhere

I have 4 leads for a job going on…one of which is with a circuit board company (my background)

I really wish Oprah would get a new hair style…she looks like her cocker spaniel

My favorite feather pillow is shedding everywhere

It is what it is and I am dealing with that


Must watch ER tonight…all of the old stars are coming back

Cannot wait until The Tudors comes back in April…yippee!

Saturday is pedicure day

3 cats have been bathed this week…now it’s onto my daughter’s 3 (only one scratch thus far)


Mental P Mama said…
Love it. Why are you bathing cats? Mine washes herself. Am I doing something wrong? Get that dress!
Grandma J said…
Please get that dress, I want to borrow it.

I can hardly wait for the Tudors too!

I think it's Bristol Palin who Levi broke up with.
Country Girl said…
Gibberish is fine! Are the cats really that dirty?
Sometimes I contemplate something and never end up getting it. It's difficult, isn't it?
imom said…
Get the dress!

Too bad you can't clean your oven with friends. That would make it more bearable. I need to clean mine too.

I can't wait to see what will be on your Esty site!

Love the photo!
Sherri S said…
Love the photo! And the randoms. Thoughts tossed onto a page. Bathing cats, not my idea of fun! Pedi sounds awesome tho and I NEED one B.A.D.
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to see your etsy shop.

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