Beet It

Can you guess what I am doing? No, I am not bleeding profusely.

No, I am not attempting dying something naturally… IMG_2197

Today, I attempted to make fresh beets. All members of my family happen to love beets of any kind. IMG_2196


Sweet and sour.

In the glass jar…

Or out of the can…

Last summer when we visited family outside Nashville,

Mary served us fresh beets. I was so impressed with this simple dish.

So here’s how she does it…I’ll be happy to share.

I picked up a fresh bunch of beets for under $2.50 for 4 beets.

Fill up a pot with water and just a pinch of salt.

Clean the beets. Cut off the stems.

Add to the pot and soft boil until you can insert a sharp knife and it comes out clean.

Like boiling a potato.

My beets boiled for about an hour.


Drain the beets. When cooled, you will take your beets and cut them into slices or cubes.

However way you prefer to eat them. I guarantee, your hands will look like this.


Place them in a pretty bowl, I’m using my Polish stoneware. Isn’t it pretty?

I added a pinch of salt, a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of sugar.

And I neglected to photo the finished product…

There’s no more left for me to even attempt a photo.

Without a doubt, I’ll be making these again for my family.

PS...I forgot to list the tiney splash of apple cider vinegar!!!!


TSannie said…
Don't forget that photo next time! ;-)
Mental P Mama said…
I love beets! Where does your Tennessee family live? I grew up in Franklin....
Grandma J said…
I love beets! Now I have to try the fresh ones.
imom said…
I love beets but have never prepared them myself. That recipe looks really easy!
Country Girl said…
I love beets but I hate it when my hands look like this!
Jojo said…
We love beets too but it just seems to easy to eat them from the can. My guess is there is no comparison in the taste. Thanks for the recipe/cooking instructions!!
Jojo said…
I forgot to add that the dish is gorgeous!!!!
I love beets...actually crave them sometimes! That pic is scary. LOL Glad it's just beet juice! :-)

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