The Perils of a Package

This post is a recount of the perils of shipping a package and took place on Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday, I was headed out to find my Staples so I could finally get the Give A Way mailed to Mental Pause Momma.  When I had my business, I always dealt with Staples mainly because they were knowledgeable, kind and accepted responsibility when matters went wrong. 
For some crazy reason, my husband said “hey...there's Office Max.”  OK, it's right here, so I turned in the parking lot and went in leaving hubby and Jack in the car. 
The gal over in their shipping department was well qualified with 2 full days under her belt.  She didn't have a clue as to how to run the computer nor even how to tape a box.  I waited as she timidly asked for help.  At this point, I'm now in the store so long that my husband calls me on my cell phone wondering if I was robbed.  (you know how he is!)  I calmly try to tell him that I'm still inside...and I begin to seethe on the inside. 
Mr Manager comes over to teach the newbie how to ship a package.  My seething level is rising fast.  Hello?  How bout doing this AFTER the customer leaves?
Finally, after 25 minutes, I have my piece of paper confirming my package will be  shipped.  With the confirmation in hand I now have to stand in ANOTHER line to pay.  This poor soul at this register didn't have a clue how to run the confirmation from the shipping dept in his register so I could pay for the service.  Twice, another manager comes over to "help show him how to do his job".  Seething.....Another 10 minutes in line....still hubby calls again asking if I took gold fish for Jack to munch on...yes, I said...put they were in my purse!  Really seething now!!!
Finally, I am released from being held captive by Office Depot and I join my family for a fun filled Thursday.

(the following recount occurred on Friday)

Just minutes ago, while sitting in my My Favorite Room", the new office/den/craft room, I hear a truck outside my window.  It can’t be the school buss dropping off my neighbor’s child because it is past 4:00.  It's UPS!  Wow!  Am I getting a package?  Yep...the man in his brown shorts and Indiana Jones hat is barreling up my stairs. 
I open the door with anticipation.  Who send me something?  Probably my sister!  She does that every now and then!  Gosh, I love her!
Wait...this is the package looks very familiar.  This is the package I sent to Mental Pause! 
How stupid!  I guess the manager did not know how to ship a package either. 
Now, the cute little lunch box pail with all of the goodies inside is sitting beside my computer.  And I am seething....AGAIN!
Tomorrow...I am off to Office Depot to fix this problem.  You can bet money on it that I will tell them "This is why I always shop at Staples...."  and a few other choice words. 
If you happen to hear on the news tomorrow that a 50 something woman in Alpharetta, Georgia went wild and attacked the manager of an Office Depot....please, send bail money!


Mental P Mama said…
LOL. I am still laughing. That really is funny.
Grandma J said…
Don't you hate that? I feel bad for some employees who haven't been properly trained. It makes for bad customer service!

I use the US Postal Service, and I like the flat rate boxes. It cost around $10 but the box is big and there is no weight restriction. Also, it's shipped Priority Mail.

You can go to their website and get supplies shipped to your doorstep for free, labels, boxes, envelopes and tape. Plus, you can have your mailcarrier pick up the package. I never knew half the services that are available for free from USPS.
Country Girl said…
That is pitiful. Make sure you let the home office know as well as your local office. Was it Office Max or Office Depot?
And I always deal with Staples, too. It's all we use at school.
Anonymous said…
Since I'm having my own frustrations, I'm just going to send you a ((hug)).

Isn't life funny sometimes?
Mauigirl said…
I haven't dealt with Office Max or Depot but our Staples is equally horrendous. They're all bad.

For shipping I always liked Mailboxes, Etc., which I think got taken over by UPS...
Maria said…
How frustrating!

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