A Tree is Just a Tree…

On our first trip to Hawaii, we were fortunate enough to travel to three islands, Oahu, Hawaii, and Maui.  All of Hawaii is like paradise but I grew especially fond of this particular place. 

It is on the road to Hana along about mile marker 11 and a good 3 miles off the highway.  It is because I purchased the CD “On the Road to Hana” at the sandwich shop that we even discovered this little hide a way.   A quaint little church lies at the bottom of a twisty road.  Looking towards the ocean, black lava rock clutters the beach front.  Drift wood scattered everywhere yours for the taking.  I didn’t need to go further. 

This tree stands so strong against the elements, perhaps that is why I am so drawn to this little tree.  I am content.   Serenity is heightened.  If the good Lord wanted to take me home at that very moment, I would have been happy to leave Mother Earth because this is my heaven on earth. 

As we sat on our open convertible, munching on our great deli sandwiches, it was then that I said, “When I die, I want half of my ashes spread right here.”  My husband said to me, “What am I supposed to do with the other half of you?” 

With a smirk on my face, I said to him “Toss the other half of my ashes under the Marshall Field’s clock on State Street in Chicago.”  (In 2005, Marshall Field’s was still in business.  Little did I know that the big bad Macy’s would soon buy Field’s out and my dreams would be devoured by big business). 

A year later, my husband and I took our grown children to Maui.  On the way to Hana once again, we took the little diversion.  This tree still stands strong.  However imagine how surprised I was to see a baseball field now sitting across from this spot.  While I was disturbed, I realized that the luckiest people on earth live here and I had to accept the fact that mankind lives with nature with the utmost reverence.

The photo to the left is actually a freeze frame from a video which is why the tree is a bit out of focus. 


Do you have a favorite spot on this planet?


TSannie said…
What a beautiful place! Can see why you want to be scattered there!
Country Girl said…
Yes, I do. My favorite place is in Ocracoke, NC. There's several trees there very similar to this one!

Deb, on my screen at work here (it's a 15" widescreen), the photo is cut offon the right. Just wanted to let you know.
Mental P Mama said…
I want to be there. Right now.
Oh what a gorgeous spot! Thanks for sharing :)
Jeannelle said…
Beautiful scene! I love the curly branches and the ocean waves and spray. Just gorgeous.

I don't have one favorite place, but I enjoy the overlook above the Mississippi River at Pikes Peak, McGregor, Iowa.
Maria said…
this is beautiful and that tree does seem to speak volumes
Donalyn said…
I love nothing more than a good tree - I have numerous friends who happen to be trees. And I like the kinda-out-of-focus look of the photo.
Grandma J said…
How cool to have a spot here on earth that gives you a peek at what heaven should be like.
Jana said…
That looks like a great spot! My favorite spot is my porch swing, overlooking the lake. We've had a porch swing there since I was 12, and it's always been the place I go when I need peace.
Anonymous said…
It's a great tree! And a beautiful spot!

After my requisite year on the mantle (I don't want to rush into anything) I want to be taken to Alaska for the scattering.

I just signed up to follow. Please come visit me at my new blog.


Vanessa (formerly Lawsy Mercy)
Anonymous said…
i thought you were ignoring me

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