Thunder Snow

I am pleased to report that the snow is falling outside my window. 

Excitement fills the house over this wonderment.

Beginning Snow

Snow doesn’t fall in Atlanta very often.

But when it makes its appearance,

we all feel like a child. 

tulip Tree

As the tulip tree begins to bloom, the snow has other thoughts.

All signs of life will be coated with ice tonight,

thus causing us to wait until yet another year.

Snowy Tree

Currently, there is about 2 inches of snow on the ground.

Lucky for us, the snow is still falling.

With no where to go, we are enjoying the chili

and sipping hot chocolate.


Mental P Mama said…
It is amazing. And heading our way;)
Mauigirl said…
Enjoy - the novelty of snow has worn off up here!

I hope your trees don't get damaged by ice. Have a hot chocolate for me!
Wasn't the snow beautiful? I was on the deck snapping pictures when it thundered. Snow and thunder - how cool! I'll have photos on my blog later this evening. Not sure they're as lovely as yours though.
Country Girl said…
These are beautiful, Deb! The snow is heading here and we're to have 3 to 6 inches tomorrow. I'm hoping for a snow day. We're all stocked up.
Grandma J said…
Very beautiful photos! We get a dusting about once a year here in TX.
TSannie said…
It's just starting here! Hoping for a snow day.
Chere said…
This snow was so special with the huge flakes. It is really nice. Enjoy your cozy coco. I may have to have a cup myself. Pray for no ice in the morning.
Jeannelle said…

Your photos are amazing! Great captures. Enjoy the snowy scenery.
Anonymous said…
Great pictures. I wondered if you would end up with some!
Enjoy your snow day!
Linda said…
So great to meet you today. Love those pics! Have a wonderful week!Linda
imom said…
Great pictures! I hope you enjoyed your snow/ice day.
DesertHen said…
Enjoy your snow. We are currently in the middle of a wind/dust storm. We need some rain, but the clouds are not cooperating at this point...if it rained now, it would be mud falling from the sky!!
~CC Catherine said…
Hey Deb.....It was so great to meet you today! I could have sat there and chatted about photography for hours... ;) It was so hard to really try to chat one on one for very long with very many people because our time seemed to fly... drats! ;) Hopefully we'll have another get together again soon! Your blog is delightful...I'll enjoy following it from now on! ;) ~CC Catherine
santamaker said…
Hi Deb,
So nice to meet you at La Mad today! Always great to meet another crazy blogger!
Love your blog!
Kimberly said… kids get all the "cool" stuff up "north"...

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