Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity. ~John Ruskin
This photo was taken last year in Manitou Springs, Colorado. The town itself is very charming filled with galleries, restaurants, cafes, Pikes Peak, mountain vistas and gift shops galore. I particually remember "The Mona Lisa" fondue restaurant and wine cellar. Ahhh...good times.


Mental P Mama said…
Where is that??? I want those boxes!
Jojo said…
The window boxes are wonderful. Every year I plant them and every year, I manage to kill everything I planted. A feng shui consultant came last summer and told me what bad luck it was to have dead things by your front door so I went and bought some silk flowers to stick in there. Then she came back and told me that was worse! Oh I wish I could have a beautiful window box like the ones pictured!
Anonymous said…
Flowers make my heart sigh!
Thanks for sharing the beauty!
I love window boxes~~~sigh~~~
Thanks for sharing this...Susan
DesertHen said…
Great photo! Love the window boxes and colorful flowers. The town sounds very neat...would love to visit the wine cellar....=)

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