Signs of Spring Near Atlanta

After the rains yesterday, I was afraid all of the blossoms would fall to the ground and I would have been a day late and a dollar short again.  However, I was very pleased that the rain did not take the flowers from the Bradford Pear trees.  We live another day to enjoy God’s beauty abound.

IMG_2183 IMG_2182

The Bradford's are always the first to strut their stuff.  Sassy little trees they are!

IMG_2187 IMG_2185

Then…presto…the cherry trees begin to sachet their color.  On the property of my old house, I planted two cherry trees in glorious pink.  One was stuck by lightening (happens to us in every house we live in) but the other, I am sure, is thriving and revealing its beauty. 


Yes, the sky was actually this brilliant blue today.  The air is so clear and clean that I wish I could bottle it up and sent it to Asthma Girl when the air in the North West gets funky.


This last photo reminded me of Mental Pause Momma today.  I wished she would find contentment when viewing this work of Nature and be somewhat nurtured by it on this day of her own Mom’s birthday.

Kate was right, I did find pleasure in my photos today.



Mental P Mama said…
Thank you. And I did. xoxo, lauren
imom said…
Beautiful photos Deb! They made me smile and feel hopeful for spring to come to my corner of the world.
~CC Catherine said…
Deb, what lovely photos for the GA Blooms.,....totally am with you on this new sign of spring arriving! I saw lilac buds on my lilac tree this morning and am praying we don't have any frigid temperatures to cause it not to bloom fully. It's a Hybrid Purple.....totally gorgeous and smells divine! ;) ~CC Catherine
Anonymous said…
Thanks Deb! I'm always apprecitive of clean, fresh air!

Beautiful shots and I love seeing trees in bloom!
DesertHen said…
The trees are lovely. The trees in our area are just starting to bud out..can't wait to see all of the lovely colors...=)
Love Springtime in the south!!! Gorgeous pics!

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