Jack at Chuck E Cheese

Jack’s very first visit to Chuck E Cheese last Saturday.

His little friend Kate, celebrated her first birthday.


Here’s Jack on the Bob the Builder ride.


How do little boys know immediately how to drive?


Thank you Miss Kayne!


Birthday Parties are so much fun! 

Happy Birthday Miss Katherine!


Mental P Mama said…
Too adorable for words.
imom said…
Oh my goodness, that last picture is beyond adorable.
Grandma J said…
It doesn't get any cuter than that! Your Jack is simpley squeezeable!!!
Mabry's gamma said…
These grandbabies we have are so darn cute, can't help but want to squeeze them. Jack looks like he is really liking that Bob the Builder ride. I wonder sometimes how my granddaughter knows instinctively how to do things we haven't even shown her how to use. They sure are smart...
Country Girl said…
I remember when my own children were this happy. Look at the sheer joy on these children's faces!! You know how it makes me feel?

It gives me hope somehow.
Sue said…
That last picture is priceless...He has a dimple!!
Oh my! Look at that ear-splitting grin on Jack's face in the last photo. That smile is contagious! He is getting so big, Deb. Gosh - where does the time go???
Anonymous said…
Deb, that dimple is to die for! He's such a happy little guy too!
Miss_Nobody said…
awww..is he adorable or what?

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