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Rainy days always get the creative juices flowing.  My den/office/craft room/Jack’s toy room was quite the mess.  If you remember, this is what it looked like when we moved in.IMG_1491

Ghastly, I know.  Many of these boxes are gone, but the level of scrapbooking and rubber stamping supplies were astonishing.  Really.  Even on a good day, the door to the room needed to be closed.


And as of Thursday, the room looked like this.  My very talented husband build this free standing window bench for not a lot of denero.  The amazing man I married managed to create this masterpiece in less than 6 hours…and 3 trips to Home Depot. 

Now it’s my turn to decorate.  I am envisioning a 4” foam cushion along the length of the bench.  These pillows were purchased on our last trip to Hawaii.  I love them.  Truly.  I want to use them at all costs.  So out of the closet and onto the bench.

IMG_2243 IMG_2242

Here’s a close up of the pillows.  I just love them to death.  They remind me of Hawaii and good times we shared.


Can you see the bench covered with a fabulous fabric?  Perfect for reading a book to my grandson…or to myself…my cats have already claimed their own sections of the bench just for future reference. 

Yesterday, I was off to JoAnn Fabrics to find the perfect coordinating fabric.  I am definitely thinking in the green family because….well, because.  That’s why!

Here are my choices.


#1  I like this one because of the texture and the little Swiss dots.   


#2  This one called out to me because it is durable.


and last, $3.  This one, well, it reminds me of bamboo.


Here is choice #1 against the pillows.  Do you like it?  I do.


Here is #2 against the pillows.  Now that I see it next to the pillows, I have some reservations.


Here is my last choice, #3.  It looks fabulous, don’t you think?  But my cats are not declawed and I am afraid that this material would pull and look worn 2 weeks after I finish the project.

So, you have to share your opinion with me.  Which one do you think will work for the window bench?  And, perhaps, I am thinking about a cornice over the windows as well.  What do you think? 

And hurry…the sale of all Waverly prints at JoAnn’s is over on Sunday…



Grandma J said…
The room looks fabulous! I like fabric number one. What a great combo, and a wonderful well lit area for reading and needle work stuff.
Anonymous said…
Number one is perfect. Don't look back! Go get it!
Maria said…
Love a window seat, no vote on fabric because I think you know which one you want.
Mental P Mama said…
#1. Definitely. I love that beadboard he used on the front. That is going to end up being your favorite room!
Country Girl said…
As soon as I saw the first one, I thought that was it. And after looking at all of them (thank you for adding them on top of the pillows, btw) I am sticking with my choice.
It's number one.
Jojo said…
If my vote counts it is #1! My entire life I had been wishing for a window seat and just after Christmas, I had one built with bookcases and trim. I will take a picture and post it sometime soon. I don't sit on it but I sit by it all the time and call it my room. Your DH did a fantastic job on it!
TSannie said…
#1. And I am so very impressed with your hubs' skills! So very nice.

You must show us the after photos.
imom said…
Definitely #1... I'm betting you've already gone out to get it!

The bench is so cool. It is very nice to have a husband who can whip stuff out like that!

I can't wait to seem more photos! Have fun.
Joyce said…
I like #3 but you did mention the cats and cats love to scratch.

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