The weather is just magnificent today. The sun is brilliant. The breeze is warm. Standing outside renews me. The only thing missing is the green grass to lie on and absorb every ray of sun possible. Days like this need to be packaged for use when ever we feel the need to rejuvenate ourselves.


What says spring like an eyelet blouse? I always have had an affinity with eyelet. When my daughter was a little girl, about 5, I made the most beautiful dress for her. The pattern was Vogue and I thought I was way over my head since my sewing skills were limited. After all, I taught myself to sew at age 12. I am digressing, sorry. Oh, the dress turned out exquisite by the way!


With the onset of spring, I think of eyelet. I think of starched, crisp eyelet. My eyelet blouse is ready for an outside adventure. What are you doing this weekend? Will it be boots and sweaters or eyelet and sandals?


Grandma J said…
I love eyelet too. My First Communion Dress was an eyelet one my mother made. It was beautiful, but of course I wanted the sheer organy over taffeda like all the others.
For me it will definitely be a flip flop weekend! :)
Maria said…
After snow the first of the week it will be mid to upper 70's, even a possible 80 this weekend. Will definitely be outside, t-shirt for sure, maybe shorts? Sunny today but WINDY, just walked out to the beach, watched the gulls hang gliding and a few kites up in the air. Isn't it great!
I love your eyelet blouse! I am so excited to be out and about tomorrow finally!

Enjoy your weekend :)
Mental P Mama said…
I love eyelet! And I love that blouse with those square buttons. I think it needs to go out for a walk.
Jeannelle said…
Your first paragraph is very nice! Here in Iowa we have upgraded from winter coats to sweaters and sweatshirts. So nice to shed the heavy coats.

Your blog looks fresh like spring. Looks like Live Writer at has cool options for the photos.

I love eyelet and used to sew with it often. The bridesmaids dresses at my wedding had white eyelet on the bodice and the rest green checked gingham.
Eyelet brings back memories for me - I had a white eyelet blouse as a young girl that was a favorite. I haven't thought about that blouse for years. Isn't it strange how a small thing can bring a flood of memories?

I am planning an outdoor adventure by taking my grandchildren to the park. They get to play and Mimi gets to snap candid photos. It's a win-win! Enjoy your day, Deb :)

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