The Perils of a Package Part 2

As I drove to the Office Depot on Saturday, I was going over in my head how to handle this situation. I had two choices. One, I could be Evil Crazy Deb and rant and rave...or...I could be Sweet and Apologetic Deb and hope for the best. Here's how it went....
After walking into the store, I proceeded to the shipping department. In a soft voice and a smile, I ask for the manager. Over walks Ben, Manager in charge!

I explained to Ben that I shipped this package on Thursday from his store. "Imagine how surprised I was to find it at my door on Friday." "No problem, let me look it up."

He asked if I filled out the information on the screen. "Yes, I did. And I realised that I transposed the information. Was there anything you could do for me because I really cannot afford to pay double shipping."

Ben says, "I will refund your money and ship this for you."

Five minutes later, all paperwork completed. Ben goes over to the register, hands me $9.07 and my receipt. With the money in hand, I am expecting to hand the money right back to him. "No, I took care of it. No cost because of your trouble."

"Really?" He smiled and said "Have a nice day."

I think Evil Crazy Deb is retired, never to be seen again. Being nice goes a very long way.


Maria said…
wow, that is fantastic and what a heartwarming story to start my day.
Mental P Mama said…
I think you forgot a part....the little bit about how I don't live where UPS will go....? ;)
Deb said…
Oh yeah...that was also my fault...wrong zip code...but it all worked out in the end!!!
Grandma J said…
Good always overcomes in the end
DesertHen said…
Glad all turned out well.

Happy Sunday.....=)
shara said…
I have to tell you- I was hoping for the Evil Crazy Deb to show. I was ready for the "I am Powerful Woman w/ a Cause" so I might live vicariously through you.

I am sooo glad that nice Deb showed instead.

Since Mama doesn't get UPS, what will be the end of this saga? Please update us!
(If you would like to view my blog, Deb, please drop me a line.)
Joyce said…
Play this one forward and go out today and do a good deed for the manager. Perhaps a nice letter to his boss about how he went above and beyond etc. Nice to know that there are good people in the world!
imom said…
I'm so glad this story ended well. Great customer service goes a long way!

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