There are worse addictions.  Lord knows I have had many.

Peanut butter

Fountain drinks

To name a few


I have to say that this addiction is at least healthy.


For the last 10 days, I’ve had a salad every night for dinner.

I guess the obsession began when shopping at BJ’s a few weeks ago.

I picked up a very large bag of garden salad for around $3.

And the obsession began…

I had to build the perfect salad.

Red peppers

Some fresh peas

Red onions

Cukes….gotta have cukes!

Chunks of cheese…but not a lot


And then there are the anchovies…

Anchovies and me go back a long way

I craved them when I was pregnant with my first child 


Sometimes I add a little meat

Chicken breast perhaps

Here, I’ve added left over pork loin roast from earlier in the week


and one cannot forget lady spinach

I spinach!


There’s that pork again


and you cannot forget the beets

these are the home made kind

second batch of the week!

those little nibbles on the top are what I refer to as

“bird seed”

it’s very yummy

I top it off with a little EVOO and red raspberry vinaigrette.


And voila!

I have achieved perfection.

The perfect salad.


Mental P Mama said…
You had me until the anchovies. Then I made a little spit-up in my mouth.
Anonymous said…
My grammy always made me try everything. I never got past cukes or beets. Never.

(It's very pretty though)
DesertHen said…
That salad looks awesome!! I think I know what we are having for dinner tonight...=) Nothing better than a good healthy salad.....okay, maybe a big juicy steak, but with a big salad on the side...=)
Country Girl said…
I don't think I could do the anchovies but I'd try because this salad looks wonderful. And it's a good addiction, right?
I'd love to participate in your contest but won't because I won something from you already. And that's just not fair!
Country Girl said…
And PS ~ Happy Blog Anniversary!!!
Maria said…
That looks Delicious, except maybe the anchovies
Ok...if my salads looked like this...I'd be obssessed with eating salad, too! :-) These look reaaaalllly good! Congrats on your blog anniversary, btw! Awesome! Susan

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