Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We Are Not In Charge...

If I have learned one thing it is that we are not in charge. God is in charge. And ...oh how true that statement really is. Here goes.

Arriving at the job fair a little after 10:00 this morning, my estimation is there were approximately 3,000 professional men and women all over the age of 35.

And let me say that one phase that I am ready to see retired is the shaved bald head. There is nothing wrong with the natural bald headed guys, after all, I have one of my own. But guys, stop shaving the head already. Move on.
One more people watching observation and then back to the job fair. Perhaps the oldest woman in the crowd made a very definite impression on not only me, but every other person at the fair. Let me just say that she is younger than Cloris Leachman but older than me. In she struts with a very nice standard issue interview suit. Dark color. Everything matchy matchy. And then there was the hair.

Yes...she had dreadlocks. Can you imagine Cloris Leachman in dreadlocks?

OK, back to the job fair. Much to my disappointment, there were only 14 companies of which 2 did not even show up. Subtract the Navy, Marines and Air Force booths, we were down to 9 companies. Subtract Macy's who only were hiring for Holiday help (note I didn't say Christmas...that really burns me but that is another post). If you were an IT person, you could very much write your own ticket. I am not an IT person. I still have problems coding html thingies.

The bright spot today is I used my networking knowledge and reconnected with the one of the owners of the company I once worked for. My initial goal was to ask him if I could use him as a reference. However, he may have a lead or two for me. Is this The Plan? steps...gotta take baby steps...and I more utterly personal stuff.

Happy thoughts!


Mental P Mama said...

Lord have mercy. Hold on. Something good will happen. By the way, my tired old eyes are having a helluva time with your brown background. And I'm already up to 2.50's. Help!

Country Girl said...

I haven't visited for a bit and see that you went to the job fair. Isn't that always the way with a job fair? Damn them. Something will happen for you, because there is a Plan, you know. Hopefully those leads will work out. I think those dreams are interesting, too.

Why is your stuff in storage? And I thank you for loving my photographs. It makes it all worthwhile!

What the hell is my husband doing outside? With an ancient paintcan? On a ladder? Oh, Lord have mercy!!!