Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fantasy Saturday

So it was supposed to be a glorious sunny, cool morning. I even rose at 9:00 am today, downed a cup of coffee and peered out the window. What I saw didn't make me happy. Clouds. Overcast. Dreary. Drab. Now what do I do? I was going to go down to the lake and take some shots of the glorious fall colors reflecting in the lake, but not now!

So out of the archives, thanks to Google, I found this lovely photo of what I wanted to see today here in Georgia.
Can you see me there? Walking down the path, gently tugging my new beagle puppy on her leash? Way down the road off to the left there? Yeah, I got nothing either.
Looks like I will go over to my daughter's to watch the Georgia vs Vandy game. Both are 5 - 1 and should present to be a good game. In my fantasy Saturday land, Georgia beats Vandy 45 - 3 and rises to #5 in the college rankings!


Mental P Mama said...

Excuse me. I went to Vanderbilt. 100 years ago. And let us have one good season. Please?

dlyn said...

Sorry you aren't getting the photos that you wanted - hope youhave a great day anyway! I saw that you signed up for twitter - be sure to click on "follow me" over on my blog so that I can find you!