Political Opinions...You, Too Can Have Them

This entry will be politically charged so there, you have been warned. But, after all, it is my blog and I can write whatever my little heart desires.

Since the Twenty-sixth Amendment of the Constitution was ratified to standardize the voting age to 18, I counted the days until I could register. I am proud to say that I have never missed a Presidential election, even when I was 8.5 months pregnant with my first child, I stood in line with the rest of them. Well, to be honest, the kind poll workers got me a chair to rest my swollen feet and my husband stood in line, but hey, I was there.

Being born in Chicago, what other party affiliation could I possible be? But that doesn't mean I have always voted straight party line, there were years that I voted for the other guy because I believed he was the better choice for our country.

In recent weeks, I found the temperature of the political ads to be escalating to a level of embarrassment. The McCain campaign is grasping for any dirty tactic at hand, while the Obama campaign has attempted to keep focused on the issues, although, they have swayed more as a defense rather than the main strategy.

Frankly, and this is my opinion only, that who ever Obama associated with in years past does not mean the person lacks judgement. Having lived and grown up in Chicago, it was once considered to be a very radical city, especially in the 60's and 70's. It was very different time then and I know many of you baby boomers can attest to the "age" of radical demonstrations, revolts, followed by the peace and love era.

Should a person be held responsible and accountable for something he did in those tumultuous college years for the rest of his life? People change. People join the establishment. Yes, we grow up.
I will support Obama/Biden this November because I believe they are the best team to work to bring America out of this chaotic, turbulent and stormy time. That doesn't mean I do not respect McCain for his service to his nation, but I feel he should not be given the responsibility of leading this country as he is too much like his counterpart, Bush. As for Palin, I will be kind and say that Tina Fey has great material to work with.
So whether you disagree with me or not....just be sure to Vote on November 4th. May God Bless Us all.


Jo said…
Deb, I completely agree with you. Everyone has to vote for whomever they feel is the best candidate. It is not a right or wrong situation, but it is a very personal one. Our Federal election here in Canada is tomorrow. It can get pretty fractious here too.

Everyone should vote. It is not only a right and a privilege, it is a duty.

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