I Saw Secret Life of Bees...You Judge For Yourself!

Last night, my daughter and I had a girl's night out to see the movie, The Secret Lives of Bees. With our free popcorn coupons in hand, we headed toward the nearby AMC to enjoy a few hours together.
As we took our seats, I counted approximately 39 women and 1 elderly man. My guess is his daughter said, "Dad, ya wanna go to a movie tonight?" and Dad said "Sure, honey", not knowing what he was getting himself into.
Since I read the book, I didn't have high expectations for the movie version as so many times I am disappointed with Hollywood's adaptation of a good novel. After all, we create our own version of the characters and images of the words we read as we process and digest the words we read. I set the bar to be unimpressed.

I completely fell into 1964 within the first 5 minutes. Lily Owen, played by Dakota Fanning, is an amazing young talent. How has she remained so untouched by Hollywood is a credit to her parents.
The collected cast of The Secret Life of Bees is a finely structured piece of visual art. All of the actresses are strong women individually but combined in this film are weaved cohesively into a great film. Mind you, this is a chick flick. If anyone of you can bribe your man to accompany you to this film, than you are amazing in your own right.
Go see it with your mother, daughter or girl friend. Take a couple of Kleenex and throw them into your pocket. And oh yes, sneak in your own water and go to the 7-11 for your candy bar...you will save about $137 dollars!


Mental P Mama said…
Loved the book! How nice your daughter went with you;)
I would love to see this movie! {sigh} Not sure I convince Doughboy to see it with me. I begged - no, pleaded! - with him to see The Duchess. But, noooooo...
Country Girl said…
I loved this book and am usually always disappointed in movies after I've read the book. With the exception of A River Runs Through It. Now that's a gorgeous movie!

I'd forgotten that Dakota Fanning stars in this. She is awesome and I'd see it just to see her act. Thanks for reminding me to see this movie~~~ I think I'll go out some evening next week . . .
Joanie said…
I loved the book. I hope I can go see the movie, too!

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