Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Halloween Treat

Blavod's black!
Wouldn't this be great with an orange liquor and a slice of fresh orange?
Here's what they say about this new vodka.

Blavod (blah-VOD) is a premium quality vodka from the U.K.

The only difference from regular vodkas is that it is black.
The black color is 100% natural and come from a little-known Burmese herb by the name of Black Catcheu.
Like regular vodkas Blavod has no smell or taste, and even if it is black it will not stain your tongue, teeth, or clothing.
Can't wait to try this!


Jo said...

With an orange liquor and a slice of fresh orange?


In a Waterford glass. :-)

willow said...

Mix me one, too, please!

Mauigirl said...

Black exotic! I've had black Sambuca but not black vodka! I'm curious to know what it looks like...

Mental P Mama said...

Must have. Now. While reading rest of the Twilight series.