Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grama Paparazzi Strikes Again!

Here he is...the king of our family, having his lunch of fresh carrots made by his super mom, my daughter! Like all babies, as soon as he sees the spoon, he is in the ready stage. Mouth opens. Arms flail. Sometimes little noises in hopes that it speeds the spoon.

Open wide for Mommy, Jack!

As the family calls me, The Grama Paparazzi, Jack flashes a look over to his adoring public.

I love carrots, Mommy!

He melts my heart!

His little smile could stop a cold war or give reason for politicians to stop and smile.

These eyes have the entire world to discover through the love of his family.

1 comment:

Mental P Mama said...

Um, I'll have a serving of those eyelashes, please. Thanks.