Trimming The Tree

Jack's first Christmas tree.
Mom, Dad and Jack around the tree.
Mommy showing Jack how to hang the ornaments.

Here's Jack attempting to touch the tree.
His eyes were glued to the bright lights.
We celebrated our daughter's birthday.
My Son In Law made a delicious spaghetti dinner.
Christmas will be very special this year seeing it through the eyes of a babe.


Jeannelle said…
A special season for you all! Your daughter's birthday, and your grandson's first Christmas! The holidays are just more fun with little ones around!
TSannie said…
The fun begins! As you know, it only gets better and better!
Grandma J said…
It's true what they say about Christmas being for kids of all ages. You will make wonderful memories with Jack!
Mental P Mama said…
That's what I need to get in the spirit! A baby! Hmmm.
Chere said…
Deb, What an exciting time to celebrate baby Jack's first Christmas. Isn't this Arron and Ericka's second Christmas together. It is nice to see this new little family. Can you remember yours and Fred's first couple of Christmas?

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