An Accomplishment of Grand Proportions

Now, I am not bragging, but I accomplished everything on my to do list for Sunday. Yep! And it feels soooo good. Often, when I feel as if I'm running around with my head cut off, I have to just sit down and make a list. It may be simplistic, but for me, it works wonders.

I promised photos of the little box I am sending to my sister. That reminds me of the special gift that Kate received this year. Hmmm...there may be a theme here.

Here is the picture of the outside of the box. The Santa is actually 3 D, thanks to little pop dots. The box is sitting on extra paper as I didn't want you to see my cutting matt with all of its scars.

Note the hardware that actually works.

The inside of the box is lined with this vintage paper. Inside the box holds a stand up album.

My sister will go ga ga over this paper. I expect a call from her because she will want to wallpaper a room of her house with it.

I told you the album could stand up.

The cover ...

... a few of the pages...
I like to use all kinds of ephemera when creating little projects.
Did I mention that I have had this paper and box set for over 3 years?
No, huh. Well, I knew I would use it one day.
That day is here.
I am thinking of doing a give a way for one of these little Christmas albums.
That would be a grand idea, now wouldn't it?
Now don't get too excited...I can't make another one until after Christmas
but your photos will still be in your cameras anyway!
Watch for the Give A Way

Comments lovely! Yes, please have a give-a-way and select me! Remember the album made with a leather strap and buckle that you taught Roxanne and I to make? It is still one of my favorite projects. I have a great idea! As you know, 4 friends and I created a monthly Scrap Club. Would you be willing to be our guest instructor and teach the 5 of us to make a similar box/album? Is it a kit? It is so beautiful, Deb. It would be perfect sitting on top of a coffee table.
Deb said…
I would love to do is not a kit but rather my own design. All the materials, the papers, box and some of the embellishments are from Melissa Frances line.
Wasn't that project with the leather straps fun? I wonder how Roxanne is...
Mental P Mama said…
Deb...that is adorable. You should start your own etsy shop;)
Grandma J said…
You made that? Oh wow, I envy people with creative talent.
Yeah! Thanks much for accepting my request to be a guest instructor. We are planning a scrap weekend at my house in the spring. Each of us is supposed to come up with a project to teach the group. You could be my project :) If you can create a list of supplies we'll need, I will have everything prebought. Again, thanks much for accepting! This will be such fun!
Deb said…
My own Etsy site...why didn't I think of that...Thanks, Lauren!
willow said…
So pretty! I'm impressed! :)
Jeannelle said…
Deb....this is just beautiful! Thanks for "bragging" and showing us the lovely details!
Chere said…
What a wonderful surprise to open a box and find this present. You have a very lucky sister. I would love a give-a-way, Roomie. Don't forget. You also thought about designing stamps at one time. Maybe that is in the cards for you.
Starwoodgal said…
That's lovely! She'll love it.
R Susanna said…
Hi Deb! It's a beautiful box! Just wanted to say that I am from GA. Love it but hate the weather. It drives me crazy! Happy Holidays!

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