Friday, December 26, 2008

Merriment of the Season!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a spectacular time and celebrated the Birth of Our Lord in you own very special way.

Here's our whole family, sans my side, gathering on the couch for a photo.
Uncle Steven on the floor with his nephew playing the part of protective uncle!

One of Jack's presents had tissue paper in it. He played with the paper for at least 10 minutes squealing with joy! Oh, if you are wondering why there is a bottle of Purex behind Jack, it was a gag gift from my daughter and SIL. My husband lives for doing the laundry! If we are at their place for more than an hour, he finds their own laundry and starts the wash! A nice obsession to have...
Christmas is all about children. Jack was a delight to have around yesterday. He thought it was pretty cool, too.

I believe I must have practiced what I preached because I woke up with a whopper of a headache which should be classified as a migraine. Up at 9 this morning, I vaguely remember swallowing some Advil and the next thing I remembered was my hubby waking me at 1:00 this afternoon. Feeling better, but still having a dull headache remaining, I swallowed more pills in hopes for this to subside.

Don't forget about my Christmas Give A Way. Be sure to click on the link and add your comment if you haven't already! Today, I will begin creating the Christmas box for the pleasure of the winner!


DesertHen said...

Looks like fun was had by all. Little Jack is a cutie...=D

WOW...wish my hubby would become obsessed with doing laundry...he,he.

Hope your headache goes away and you feel better.

shara said...

Hey there! glad you have had a good time w/family! Hope the headache wore off. Thanks for stopping by the ol' blog. I will be looking forward to hearing about the give-a-way:-)

Country Girl said...

Merry Christmas, Deb! Your blog looks nice. Lovely family photo, and the tissue paper story was adorable.

Chere said...

Oh Deb, sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope your head feels better soon. I'm all set to win the Christmas box. Entered the contest and posted on my blog. Little Jack looks like he had a great time. Can Fred come to my house? He would freak over how much laundry I have to do. Need to work on that. I can not do it on New Years Day. My Grandmother said what ever you do on New Years Day you will do all year. I want to do some thing fun.

Country Girl said...

Now that you mention it, I think I did notice it was mispelled. But it so impolite to point that out, you know.
And sure, I'll buy an 's'. Maybe I could trade a vodka & orange juice? Because that's all I have right now. K?

Mental P Mama said...

Fun times! My laundry awaits your hubby.

Oh, and just send that box right to me. I am the winner;)

Jeannelle said...

Sorry to hear of your migraine. I hope its completely gone by now.

Cute photos of Jack! He'd probably have been completely satisfied with gifts of simply tissue paper!

Enjoy all the fun family times!