And The Winner Is.....

Here is the Christmas box that I am making with lots of love.
It is slightly different from the one I sent my sister (umm...she thought I bought it...duhh).
None the less, I love the green version as well.
Hubby helped me with this undertaking. I read off the names from the comment section and he wrote them all down. Next, I checked every one's blogs to see who linked the Give A Way and they received an extra ticket.

Hubby takes his job very seriously. Did I tell you...he chuckled at some of the names you ladies have on your blogs! AsthmaGirl? Country Girl? Well, he just doesn't get "us".
I wished that I could make a Christmas box for everyone....but that would be very difficult.
And the winner is.....

Country Girl!

Imagine how lovely her fantastic photos will look in my little gift.

Kate, be sure to email me so I can mail this little treat out to you next week.


shara said…
Yea Country Girl!! Congrats!
Country Girl said…

I am smiling so big right now. My husband is sitting next to me, sort of rolling his eyes. But he knows how excited I get about things.

And I love the color!

I was just online announcing the winner over at my blog (I am so sorry you didn't win, Deb) and got your e-mail.

Please convey my thanks to your husband thanks for picking out my name.
Country Girl said…
And D-uh. I can't find your e-mail address, Deb!
Mental P Mama said…
Yay!!!!! Country Girl. And it's her blogoversary, too!
DesertHen said…
Hooray for Country Girl!!! Her photos are amazing and will now have a special place in the box you are the color by the way.

I'm so happy she won!1 =D
Woo hoo! Congrats to Kate for winning Deb's lovely box.
~Vanessa~ said…
Congrats Kate!!! I am so happy that you won Deb's giveaway. Ok, I am jealous too but I am more happy than jealous! LOL

Happy New Year to us all!!!

willow said…
Pretty box! Congrats CG! :^)

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