Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm Home

Oh.....I'm home. It feels soooo good to unpack all my stuff and be surrounded by my very own things. Am I wrong to think that? I mean, "stuff" is so materialistic and considering the entire world into the big it wrong to be appreciative of those materialized things?

Officially, I have christened my new home with the best dirty martini ever! My daughter and I have toasted to good times and good health.

Can you tell I have downed one martini!??!!!


Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

I think you're owed a martini or two or three. Yes, I bow to the materialistic pleasures surrounding me. The are iconic symbols that I have lived. My treasured memories will be passed onto my child and grandchildren, just as many were inherited from my ancestors. They are who we are and there is no shame in our appreciation and comfort of them. I recall admiring the many collections of precious items carefully displayed in curio cabinets in your previous home. You have an innate sense of comfort and style - no doubt your new home will be just as warm and inviting.

Yes, you deserve a martini. Congrats on your new home, Deb!

Mental P Mama said...

Cheers! There is no place like our own feathered nest. With some vodka and some olives.

Eric said...

Glad you love dirty martinis - would love to send you a sample of my companies product - Dirty Sue - premium olive juice for dirty martinis.

Let me know.


brneyedgal967 said...

Okay, okay - I officially like you. Just found your blog after a comment you left on mine, am scrolling through and reading... need to head to bed but I'm procrastinating as usual and came across the dirty martini comment. Any woman who likes dirty martinis - I like. I'm simple that way.

I am commiserating with you while reading about the unpacking bit. Gah. We moved here last January and I still don't have all of my pictures up on the wall and there are still boxes in the attic that I need to get down and organize in the office. It's so hard to just jump in there and get it done though, I always find an excuse.