Slumber Land


Why is it when I am lying in bed,

trying to fall asleep,

I have 10’s of ideas for my blog.

Good ideas.



But in the morning

I am devoid of anything earth shattering.

Perhaps I should jot these ideas down…

This is it for today.


Joyce said…
I do jot the thoughts down but then I can't remember where I put the paper:)
Daryl said…
You are SO not alone ... I read that all the high powered folk keep a recorder next to the bed so they can save their big ideas for the morning
Mental P Mama said…
Welcome to my little world, sister friend;) I want to snuggle with that cat!
Nurse Nancy said…
I am right there with you. I think we need one of those key chains with the tape recorder at the end of it....right on the night stand. With my luck, the battery would die!
Maria said…
they say keep a pad and pencil by your bed, I tried that once but then it makes me wide awake even more.
BTW, I tagged you on my blog
DesertHen said…
I do the same thing and then fall asleep and poof....they are gone! Darn!
Country Girl said…
Gah. I know what you mean. Exactly what you mean.
imom said…
I suffer from this ailment too! Many times I've thought about putting a pad of paper by my bed, but haven't.

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