Lady Finger Cake

Lady finger cake…

It’s a no bake recipe with a dramatic presentation for family and guests.

It happens to be my SIL’s favorite dessert.

For his birthday dinner, I was happy to make it for him.


We start with the ingredients. 

Three packages of Lady fingers, large instant vanilla pudding, whipping cream, cream cheese and 2.5 cups cold milk.


Line a spring pan with approximately 1.5 packages of lady fingers.


I forgot the sugar….3/4 cups of it.


…and the vanilla…1 teaspoon


Prepare your pudding according to directions for pie.

You will cut the milk by one half cup. 


Fill the spring pan with the pudding mixture.


Line the top with the remaining lady fingers.

You will have some lady fingers remaining…

if you have a little one running around

he will be happy to eat a few for you. 


Now it’s time to join the room temperature cream cheese

and the 3/4 cup of sugar.

Introduce them slowing.

Noticed I changed blades.

My momma taught me to do that….and you should always listen to your momma!

Once the cream cheese mixture is finished,

transfer it to a bowl.   


After cleaning my bowl again….

change your beaters and…

beat the whipping cream and the vanilla.

Once the peaks form in the whipping cream…it’s time to bring back the cream cheese.


Changing beaters AGAIN…

slowing fold the cream cheese into the whipped cream. 


Layer this mixture on top of the layer of lady fingers…

refrigerate for at least 5 hours…

over night is quite fine.


Remove the spring pan and Voila!

I have tied a ribbon around the outside for a more dramatic presentation.


The happy couple!


3 packages of lady fingers

1 large instant vanilla pudding (lemon is good too)

2.5 cups milk

cream cheese (room temperature)

3/4 cups sugar

whipping cream (small carton)

1 teaspoon vanilla

The worst part of making this recipe is having to clean the mixing bowl 3 times.

Considering you don’t have to turn on the oven, I find it a nice refreshing dessert for those special occasions.

Oh…let me not forget…

do not try the low fat cream cheeses as it will not bind properly.




Grandma J said…
Yummy!! Happy Birthday to your SIL
Joyce said…
Save me a piece please:)
Jo said…
That looks absolutely wonnnnnnnnderful. I'm off to the store tomorrow to get the ingredients.

Thank you for sharing that. And Happy Birthday to your SIL.

Daryl said…
That looks yummy .. I almost licked the laptop screen ... I love Lady Fingers
imom said…
Wow, that looks rich and delish!

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