Do You Believe?

Spirits. Some believe in their existence. Others balk at the thought of such a thing. My position on this subject takes on more of a first hand approach as I have had a few experiences of my own. But today, I am writing this post to share with you what truly occurred and which left me feeling rather anxious and a bit fear full.

I was sitting in my den/office/craft room reading, blogging, and tweeting. My mother in law was sitting in the living room, adjacent to where I was.

MIL: Why are those people here? I didn’t know you had company?

Me: We don’t have company. What are you talking about?

I walked into the living room to investigate what was going on.

MIL: Who are those two men on the couch?

Me: What?

MIL: Those two men with the pillows in front of their faces.

Me: (beginning to feel my heart come up to my throat) Mom, there is no one there.

MIL: Are you blind?

Me: (playing along) What do these men look like?

MIL: (shrugging shoulders) I don’t know.

Me: How are they dressed?

MIL: (shrugging shoulders) I don’t know.

MIL: There’s a woman now sitting with them. Over there.

Me: Mom, are you sure?

MIL: (getting up from her chair…moving the pillows on the couch) Now, they are gone.

Me: Mom, was it your husband?

MIL: (shrugging shoulders)

Me: Mom, was it one of your brothers?

MIL: No. They were small people. In suits.

Me: (wtf?…sorry, but I think this is appropriate use of the term under these circumstances!)

And then she asked me to do her hair. I obliged.

There are so many explanations which should be considered. Her failing eyesight has often confused a sleeping cat on the floor with a pillow or one of Jack’s toys. Her meds could possibly have an affect on her as well the Alzheimer’s.

Dare I state the obvious but am reluctant to put those words in print… Am I going crazy? Has my summer cold settled in my cranium?

(there are no photos to accompany this post for reasons quit obvious to all!)


jojo said…
if you believe...and I are not crazy..;p
Nurse Nancy said…
I believe. My mom, who is 91, has been having dreams about her mom. Right there with her all day. I do not want to think about what that means. But I do believe.
Gabriela said…
Great post! Yes, it's the Alzheimer's. My MIL suffers from it too and also hallucinates. My MIL likes to call me at oh say 1:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. or any other equally ungodly hour to say she's looking for her sister Ella and can she please speak with her. Problem is, she never had a sister, Ella or otherwise. Hang in there.
Mental P Mama said…
I believe. Feel better soon;)
Jamie Payne said…
I've never had any experiences of my own but my aunt swears she sometimes can smell my grandmother's perfume or can her voice. I'm pretty sure my aunt isn't least not yet:)
Daryl said…
I believe and I also know that in the elderly there are episode of seeing people that are dead ... my dad, six months before he passed, asked my sister why she hadnt said hello to his old friend Manny who was seated in the recliner ... my sister said no one was there but to appease Dad she said hello. Another time he asked me to tell Johnny (NO idea who Johnny was) not to put the box he was holding on the coffee table .. of course I did... it was easier than explaining there was no Johnny, there was no box ...

Believe ... its less stressful ...
Anonymous said…
I've had my own unsettling experiences. I was talking with my daughter about it last week.

But I've also had my Grandma swear that General Patten was picking her up to go to Texas in his red truck and they were being chased by Cochise.

So I don't know...
imom said…
I believe! I've had a number of people tell me we have a spirit or two in our house, but I haven't had any experiences.

My grandma saw little children frequently and became very agitated when we couldn't see them. Eventually my mom just started saying she saw them too and told my grandma they were waiting to play with her. That always made her happy.
Gledwood said…
ps I believe in spirits too... good and evil ones.
Country Girl said…
I don't think you have spirits in your house. I think your MIL may be suffering from hallucinations, Deb. Talk to her doctor. Hope you feel better!
AutumnRose said…
...count me as another believer also.....I'm 52, and realized long ago that just because we can't see something, doesn't mean it isn't there! (oxygen? gravity? we don't see these things--just their effects)
My daughter is a hospice nurse. She advises "staying in the moment" with patients. If they see a duck and General Eisenhower on the couch, then say hi to both of them and give the patient a smile.

Playing along is good for anxiety about missing a bus or train. Make sure they have what they need to get on the train, and let them sit and wait.

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