A Movie and A Bison

A few days ago, my husband and I went out to dinner and a movie to celebrate his birthday.  Alone time!  Wow!  Not something we get very often these days as taking care of his mother with Alzheimer’s is a 24/7 responsibility.  So thanks to my daughter and SIL, we had 4 – 5 hours to do with what we wanted. 

Our choice for the movie was Night at the Museum part 2.  Predictable?  Yes, but loads of fun to watch.  If you liked the first one, you will love this one as well.  Our choice for dinner that night was Ted's Montana Grill which is always a favorite with us.  Since I am a creature of habit, I ordered what I always order, the New Mexico, bison, of course.  Usually, I order it bun less with a side of cottage cheese.  Don’t be grossed out but I really like this combination.  For whatever reason, I did not say sans the bun and ordered fries.  Now I should have known it was going to be down hill from this point.

My hubby ordered the pulled pork entree, which I was contemplating.  When our meals arrived, I asked for my hot sauce because they no longer have that grand selection on the table.  Away our waitress runs to complete my request.  My hubby gives me a taste of his pork and quite frankly, I don’t care for it.  I am not a fan of brown gravy on anything so I chalk it up to that. 

As I am still waiting for my hot sauce, my husband begins to push his plate away.  He doesn’t like it.  The pork is chewy.  He tells me that he doesn’t want anything in its place.  You know how it is when you order something and the entree sounds really fabulous and then you have such a let down when it comes out just par. 

I wave down our waitress to tell her my husband’s dilemma and ask her again for the hot sauce (I haven’t eaten anything yet) when my husband tells her he doesn’t want anything else.   She leaves our table.  Now hearing this, I become upset.  We don’t get out much.  This is his birthday celebration for goodness sake.  He deserves a wonderful meal, right? 

Within seconds, the kitchen manager arrives offering his ultimate apology.  Not allowing my husband to say a word, I blurt out “this is his birthday.  We don’t get out much because we care for his 85 year old mother who has Alzheimer’s.”  And the tears begin to flow….uncontrollably, it is like Niagara falls.  He quickly rushes to the kitchen to bring my husband what he requested, a small plate of their pot roast.  I manage to stop the water works while he takes his first bite.  He smiles.  I am relieved and begin to address my own meal.  

Probably because I caused a minor stir in this establishment, the manager returns with reinforcements to give my husband a small gift and tell him dessert is on them.  Apologizing for the attention they are now attracting to our table, they quickly scamper away. 

IMG_3065 Thanks to all the peeps at Ted’s Montana Grill in Cumming, Georgia!  Not only did you make things right, you gave my husband a hat which our grandson thinks is hysterical!  Grand Pop places it on his head and pretends he is a bison, gets on all fours and slowly crawls towards Jack.  The laughter is pure heaven!!!


I completely understand the anticipation of going to dinner, only to have your meal taste less than expected. You were right -- it was Fred's birthday. I LOVE the hat!

We saw The Hangover last weekend - hilariously raunchy. This weekend we took our oldest grandson, Ayden, to see Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosauers. He actually made it through the entire movie without a potty break :)
J'ellen said…
Well whew! Glad the fiasco turned out ok in the end...it is such a letdown when your restaurant food isn't that great...hard-earned money pays for it...neat that you get Montana bison in Georgia, btw. (assuming it is from MT.)
Daryl said…
Oh good on the manager! He did the exact right thing ... and Happy Birthday to your guy and many more!

Love the hat, I cant wait to see pix of Grand Pop playing bison!
Joyce said…
Happy Birthday to your husband. So nice to hear the manager making good on the situation. I bet Jack would look good in that hat too:)
Mental P Mama said…
Yay for the manager! I would have cried too. You so deserved a nice night out....Love that hat;)
Country Girl said…
Oh, my gosh! Bless that manager not only for making things right but for giving you a story that you can tell for years to come. And this hat is priceless!
I did the same thing this weekend but it didn't involve restaurants. I burst into tears at our local pharmacy. I've been through this before and the pharmacist came out and had to talk me down, telling me exactly what to do for my husband.
Although it was embarassing, I'm glad of the outcome at your restaurant. Such an uplifting story, Deb!
Anonymous said…
I'm trying to figure out why there's brown gravy on pulled pork? I'd have cried too!

So glad it turned out well. I like the happy ending!
Laura ~Peach~ said…
love the hat... did you ever get your hot sauce... we like cumming... dont get there often but thats all good too... makes it more fun to do it seldom.
alzhimers does cause people to see things... you are not loosing your mind and honestly neither is she... it is just what it is... you guys have my thoughts and prayers alzhimers is so hard to take and the person with it is really hard to take care of...


i am still... having a hard time getting peoples blogs to load and even harder time commenting but... i still try :)
glad i get to see you on face crack... and its misbehaving today LOL

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