Happy Monday, Ya’ll!


And if this face doesn’t make you chuckle or giggle

than you must be a Vulcan!

…and yes, those are Spaghetti O’s dripping down that cute face!!


Daryl said…
Oh he is just too cute
I would have just eaten him up!!! What a sweetie pie. Happy babies are really the very best.
Laura ~Peach~ said…
he is so adorable... many sweet sugars all around that boy :)
Joyce said…
We have to get the two little spagetti O boys together one AM at the park to run around and then get them some nuggets for lunch this Fall. I am going to be babysitting every Tues and Wed. I think I am nuts but find it so much fun!
imom said…
What a cutie pie!!
Jann E. said…
He's so cute, I'm so jealous...no grandbabies yet...well I have step-grands but the live 1,500 miles + away...sigh...enjoy, enjoy.

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