Shopping in the Comforts of Home

Internet shopping. What shall I say about it? It’s the best window shipping ever without having to leave your home. No one will judge you for the type of clothes you have on. You know what I’m talking about…when you enter a ritzy boutique and you have your flip flops on with jean capris and a tee shirt you purchased when you visited Cancun seven years ago…you get the “look”. The Look that is shot right down the nose of the person judging you. The look from the size 2 in the black spandex, low cut dress with her purchased boobies standing at attention is wondering why the hell are you even in this store! Right? Am i right?

Shopping from the comfort of your desk chair or your comfy recliner at 2 in the morning is just the best medicine for insomnia. On my list of favorites on my laptop is my virtual shopping folder. You can’t imagine the eclectic objects and clothes I have accumulated. Everything from furniture to Sex in the City shoes to flatware. Yes…flatware.


Thanks to Horchow's, I am just in love with this flatware. Truly! If you didn’t already know, Deborah, Debra, Debbie or Deb is a name derived form the Hebrew language meaning “bee” or “little bee”. Anyone ever receiving a home made card will surely see my bee stamp on the back of the card. My soul tells me that some day, I will own this whimsical set of flatware to adorn my very own table.


While visiting Pottery Barn, I came across this shiny, glistening chandelier that grabbed my attention. I love the mixture of iron work and the prisms that remind me of my grandmother’s home. You can say this designer combined yesteryear with modern influences.

Today, I wanted to share with you some things I love. What items have caught your eye? Are they on your wish list, too?


Mental P Mama said…
I love that flatware! And I hope you have it soon. I love to shop online....many fun things to see, and you don't have to get dressed!
Nurse Nancy said…
Online shopping is the best. I love to shop for my dream house and to look at house plans. I can dream can't I?
Jamie Payne said…
That flatware is so adorable and I absolutely love, love, love anything from Pottery Barn. Yes, online shopping is the best since I never feel obligated to make a purchase:)
Grandma J said…
cute flatware! I shop online too, and even get my RX on-line.
Asthmagirl said…
Shopping online is my salvation... No perfume laden clerks, no store scents, no cleaing products... no Bath and Body Works. Ugh!

Gosh, I've bought my desk and bookcase online even! But mostly, books, hair products, skin care, make up, SHOES and meds.

I love the bee!
Daryl said…
Love the flatware too .. I hope you get it .. its very you!!!!
Country Girl said…
I love things with bees on them. They are just so fun. Beautiful chandelier, too.
Joyce said…
I love the flatware and I would enjoy coming to your home and eating with it:)
That is the only way I love bees...when they are stuck on something. Bees and I are not friends, otherwise.

I love shopping for fabric on line. It makes me happy...especially when it arrives.
Sue said…
Hi the bee silverware...I love to online shop especially at shipping both ways...and $10. coupons every now and again...and they sell Lobster stuff, I adore lobster you can put tons of stuff in your cart then delete it all before hitting the charge button....keeps you out of trouble!!
TechnoBabe said…
Wish lists give us something to strive for, don't they. I purchase most things online and enjoy the hassle-free atmosphere of being home and having my item(s) delivered to my door in a few days.
Cloudia said…
Love that flatware!

And the size 2 ?

She will either dim out, or (if lucky and wise) turn into:
You and me! ;-)
WE go what she's looking for.

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