The Bounties of Summer

Imagine how surprised I was to find out that every Saturday beginning May 31st to October something that there is a Farmer’s Market right across the river from where we live.  My daughter insists that I knew this, but somehow I forgot.  I think that is highly unlikely, but I will proceed!

If we had a canoe, we would have to walk 2 blocks and paddle across the Chattahoochee River and we’d be there.  However, without such canoe, we have to take the standard roads to arrive at this fun little market.


 Immediately, I commented to my husband that this looks like…don’t say it, he said.  It is not Costa Mesa, California.  Do you see the ocean.  Well, no, but it DID remind me of Costa Mesa. 

Come with me to the farmer’s market…


Home grown herbs with an Asian flair..


Fresh beans…crunchy cucumbers…


Peppers, tomatoes, and jalapenos, Oh My!


Summer squash and baby eggplants


Fresh herbs, lemon cucumbers (which I purchased to try)


The sweet corn doesn’t get any fresher than this.


Anyone for watermelon?   


Bring your game on…


Home made pastas made with peppers and spinach…oh yum! 


Breads for the masses…


Here’s Becky…sharing the bounty from her flower gardens…


What are these brilliant flowers?


Her display was fetching.

All in all, I will return next week to try the home made tamales, salsa and chips and the baked breads and muffins and the home made honey and the fresh eggs and the sweet cream…..Whew…I’m exhausted from just thinking about it all!


Mental P Mama said…
Wow. That's much nicer than ours! I'd be a regular there;)
Nurse Nancy said…
I am with MPM...much nicer than the one I go to....I would be first in line every Saturday. Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
I can't believe y'all have corn already!
We have a little farmer's market down at the Marina. It must not be very memorable because I always forget to go!
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for this wonderful blog about the Farmer's Market you visited. I so appreciate all the photos of each one. We live in Northern B.C., on the often rainy coast so can't easily grow many of those great vegetable items. The homemade pastas and the beautiful bread loaves, I want to be there......
I go as anonymous because I don't have a blog - have often thought about starting one but I am a born worrier and all would be well until I posted my blog and then I would worry about what I had written, so I don't!!!
Daryl said…
Ilove our local GreenFlea .. I am there almost every Sunday .... fresh veggies/fruit are the best ... I have seen those flowers but cant remember their name!
DesertHen said…
You are so lucky! We have nothing like that where I live!!
imom said…
Now that is a farmers market! Ours is nothing compared to that one. So many delicious things to choose from! Again, great photos!

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