Bunnies and Sleep Aids

the evening of June 30th

I laid in bed trying really hard to fall asleep.

nothing really helps


works great for 3 days


it loses its punch

i’ve tried the over the counter PM ones

but if i want to sleep until 11 the next morning

then that is the sleep aid to use

so i don’t

if i get up earlier in order to reset my clock

well, that has its consequences

as i am usually met by a nasty headache

which requires a nap

and that defeats the purpose of trying to reset my clock

the only thing running through my head on June 30th


staying up past midnight

to say







and i did


i know


Nurse Nancy said…
Love it! Hope whatever you wished for after you said rabbit comes true!

I am with you in the sleep department. Went to bed at 11 and woke up at 12 last night. While watching TV, my little guy woke up from a bad dream. Comforting him, helped to comfort me...maybe you need a 7 year old wrapped around you to help you fall asleep...but then the hot flashes kick in.
Daryl said…
Oy ....

I can sleep, but its the getting up while I can hear the rain POURING outside and the achy back that insists I walk like I am old
Asthmagirl said…
Sleep issues are the worst. I'm not sleeping so well with TOG away in Alaska, but it is nothing like what you're experiencing.

Maybe a nap is in order...?
Mental P Mama said…
Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. I hate it when I go through those times. Maybe some Ambien is in order....Take care.
Jeannelle said…
All I know is that a daily long walk helps me sleep better at night. When I get out of the walking habit, then sleep becomes a problem
imom said…
Having sleep issues sucks so much!

As far as rabbits?... My cat caught one the other night!! Can you believe that?
Anonymous said…
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