Up In Smoke

My aunt travels the country with her Ford 350 and she pulls a big ole 40' 5 Th wheel. Just to get a visual seeing this 60 something young, 5'2" woman driving this rig is enough to make one smile.

My favorite aunt phoned my mother today to tell her some news. Mom expected to hear that her beloved Sammie, the dachshund, was doing well with the transition. (that's another story)

Nobody expected to hear the news my aunt had to share. Nobody expected to hear this.

While my favorite aunt was out walking the dogs on Saturday afternoon, she noticed people in the campground walking over to the smoke rising off in the distance. My aunt joined the crowd. Then...that feeling that sinks to the bottom of your stomach when you know it is going to be bad news. It was her home on fire.
She lost everything. Luckily, she and her two dog children are safe and sound. My favorite aunt has so much courage and determination. After suffering a loss like this, she is already looking forward to continuing on in her travelling fashion as nothing will feign her desire to do want she wants to do.
So I pray for my favorite aunt today and always that she is happy and safe ... for she is really "Drivin 55" like no one else!


Grandma J said…
What a terrible loss. Your aunt sounds like a strong woman.
Mental P Mama said…
That is awful. But I am glad they are all well. That's what really matters.
Oh Deb. I'm so sorry for your Aunt. That is incredibly tragic. At least she and her "family' survived. Best wishes to her.
Both Edward and I love the photo of your cat in the clothes dryer. For different reasons probably, but we do!
Chere said…
Deb, I will keep you Aunt and puppies in my thoughts and prayers. Do they know what caused the fire?
Jo said…
Omigod...! Oh, your poor aunt! Your aunt sounds like a real character. I had an aunt like that - Aunt Molly. She was tall, blonde, beautiful and gutsy!

Please tell your aunt that Johanna wishes her all the best of luck!
Country Girl said…
Oh, no! So sad for your aunt. She sounds like a trooper, though. I wish her luck.

Your place is all decorated for the holidays already, I see! And how exciting for you in two weeks time. I'll be thinking of you!

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