It's a Slow Day When...

Here he is.
Mr Shy.
Don't take my picture, wife!
I said, put down the camera.
What are you doing?
If you blog this, I swear, I will tickle you.
Oh, that's good.
Take a picture of the motor cycle guy.
You really don't have anything to occupy your time with, do you?


Mental P Mama said…
At least all fingers were extended....Happy trails;)
Grandma J said…
He's gonna get back atcha!
Country Girl said…
Oh! It's a tickle fest. I swear, if he threatened me with that, I'd have gone and done it, too!
Poor Fred. You deserve to be tickled - tee hee!
Chere said…
Love Fred's pose. My Fred had gotten to where he turns his back when I take his picture. Those back pictures are going in a scrapbook one day. Even my cocker spaniel hates the flash on my camera.

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