Thursday, November 20, 2008


Gobble... Gobble...
The native North American bird has spoken.

This time of year always brings out the most vexing questions that must be dealt with.
Fresh or frozen?
Deep fry?
To brine or not to brine?
15 pounds?
20 pounds?
Shall I venture to the next level and go with a 25 pounder?

And then there is the question regarding the stuffing?

Or dressing?

Corn bread stuffing?

Or Grandmother's recipe never fail stuffing?

Oh, the decisions....

The answers are easy, really....

How many days of left overs do we want?

How do you manage your turkey dilemma?


TSannie said...

After getting a 25 lb. turkey once, and being wholly disappointed by it - by the time the leg/thighs were done the breast meat was nearly inedible it was so dry - we now only buy birds no bigger than 17 or so lbs.
And for the last several years we've had 3 birds - one traditionally done, one smoked and the last one deep fried.
Yum, yum and yum!!!

Mental P Mama said...

Cornbread dressing. No stuffing. And organic, brined and baked to a turn.

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

I love Thanksgiving! We always have a traditional dinner at our house and invite Jamie, Jason and the kids. It's always oven roasted turkey, sausauge & apple stuffing, scalloped corn, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, and fresh flakey rolls. I always have several kinds of dessert on hand for those brave enough to eat yet one more bite. We munch on leftovers for days - usually turkey sandwiches with lettuce and mayo. Yum!

Country Girl said...

I love Thanksgiving but only when we have lots of family and friends. Rarely happens at my house. My husband is the opposite. He likes to be alone. He vonts to be alone . . .
He's getting his wish this year. So it's a tiny turkey for us. Do they come in tiny tot sizes?


Roast chestnut stuffing, and maybe I'll add sausage and apple in there, too.

Grandma J said...

I'm going to my daughter's home, and my SIL's mother is coming from Tucson. My SIL is inviting several single soldiers who are away from home too. Is this a single grandma's dream?
I'll probably make my greenbeans and some pies. I love my grandmother's pineapple squares (I know they aren't traditional, but they are in my family).
I'm going to Google those Yukon Gold mashed potatoes that Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) mentioned. I'm a potato junkie!

Chere said...

All the TV cooks are saying frozen. Just allow enough time to thaw them out. Need to buy it now and start to thaw. Fred and I will be out of town for Thanksgiving this year. No pressure to cook. Sounds great to me.

Kacey said...

My dh fries the turkey. Mom makes the dressing. I keep thinking I'll learn how to make it...

Mauigirl said...

I am being lazy this year (as I was last year!) - buying the turkey already cooked from Whole Foods! (Complete with stuffing and gravy). Last year I bought the side dishes too but there was too much so I'm just going to make the accoutrements like sweet potatoes and whatever else.