Preparing for the Storm

With the forecast of snow, yes I said snow, north of Atlanta area sometime tomorrow, I will be joined with 3 million of my closest friends all vying to “pick up a few things” at the grocery store.  Weather men will name this storm clever little names like “Snow Jam 2009” or “Blizzard of 09”.  It is due to this frenzy our local TV channels broadcast that turns a logical human being into well, a panicked Southerner.  You see, we Southerners panic with the mere forecast of snow anywhere in the state of Georgia.  I am sure this will be much ado about nothing, but one must be prepared.  What if the trucks cannot get into the area to restock the shelves?  That is the worry we all share and we are sticking to it!

empty bread shelf

We fear not being able to have a sufficient supply of bread, milk, hot chocolate mix, fixin’s for chili and brownies.  No household in Georgia will be void of these items.  I believe it must be imbedded into our DNA even if some of us are transplant Southerners.

So not to be outdone, hubby has already left to make his run to the local Publix, wanting to “beat the crowd”. 

What’s on my list you ask?  Well, maybe you did not ask, but I am about to share anyway.

2 lbs of ground turkey

1 can of tomato paste

1 can of tomato soup

1 gallon of milk (very important)

1 loaf of Colonial bread (also deemed necessary)

3/4 pound of Boar’s Head Black Forest Ham

1/2 pound of Boar’s Head Swiss Cheese

tonic (can’t have gin and tonic without it)



snackie foods (leaving this executive decision up to hubby)

Photos will be published no matter what the weather circumstances present.  (9 out of 10 times the weather men get all excited over nothing)  Look forward to tomorrow and come back and check my blog.  Oh, if for some reason I do not post, matters became more serious than forecasted!   



imom said…
Why do the TV weather personalities do that?! Ratings? Excitement? To cause unnecessary stress?

I can't wait to check in tomorrow to see what transpires and what they call the storm!

Looks like some good cooking will be happening at your house.

Stay warm!
Jana said…
tee hee hee! That gigantic blizzard is supposed to come up this way, so I went to the store today, too. although it really was a planned trip (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). I'll post photos tomorrow, too so we can compare!(though they say it's supposed to be Sunday night into Monday here)

stay warm and cozy!
Chere said…
LOL! I hope you have power with all of your supplies. It's funny how today I have my windows open it is so hot. Hail one week and maybe snow tomorrow. That's the spring weather in Georgia. It seems that our coldest weather is in March. We will see what tomorrow brings. Get the candles ready.
Kevin Wicks said…
Good thing you left snacking up to the hubby...we hubbies know all there is to know about snacking.
here is a picture of my city just before Christmas and this was at the head of two snowstorms yet to come.

PS dont know why you could not link to my site? Try again and thank you for your kind comments.
Jeannelle said…
Well, at least the wintery weather forecast provides something to blog about. Hopefully, the snowfall will be light. Drive safe if you have to go out. Enjoy being "snowed in".
Miss_Nobody said…
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Miss_Nobody said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss_Nobody said…
Wow, you are having snow storms while we are baking in here in India lol
Having lived in a tropical country all my life,I haven't ever seen a snowflake,let alone a blizzard lol.Would look forward to your post tomorrow :)
much love ~~
P.s: I noticed that you like to change things around in your blog.I used to think I'm the only one who gets tired of her layout at the end of one week :)Love the new background,its soothing to the eyes and so pretty :D
P.s 2:I not only double posted,I triplle posted my comment.Sorry about that.

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