Gibberish Today


Why when people say they are supportive, you think the opposite?

Why do people lie when they say they left a message when you don’t have an answering machine?

Why is it that when I use my $.01 coupon at the grocery store, the offer the same item 2 weeks in a row?

Why don’t the weather men ever get it right?

Why are Sunday coupons for items you really don’t buy?

Why isn’t Bernie Madoof in jail where he belongs?

Why is the world still obsessed with Anna Nicole and now her daughter?

Why do people still care about American Idol?

Why am I so lost when watching Lost?IMG_0615

Why do people make fun of my second toe which is my big toe?


Grandma J said…
I don't have any answers except for coupons, I keep a running grocery list on my laptop and I google my items for coupons, then print them out. So much easier, for me anyway.

I would never make fun of anyone's toes
Mental P Mama said…
I have never watched American Idol. And I am not likely to start. Now, The Bachelor is a different story. I think having your second toe be your longest is a sign of superior intellect. Guess who else has one?
Anonymous said…
I agree with Mama's assessment of the big toe!
Yes, I have a special filter for my furnace. Yes, I'm aware that it makes me a freak! Thank Goodness, The Old Goat cares about keeping my air clean and changes the filter when he should!
I'm not into Lost and I feel lost when people talk about it!
imom said…
Your toes are adorable!

We watch American Idol as a family, so that makes it fun for me.

The time travel in Lost is making me feel very lost. As long as Desmond keeps showing up I'll happily stay lost forever!
Jeannelle said…
Do you have two left feet?? I've heard of that phenomenon, but have never seen it.....

My second toes are longer, too. I always hated that...wanted to hide it.
Country Girl said…
Why are there two left feet here?

And I feel just as Lost as you do when watching Lost. I don't even want to watch anymore. But I can't help it. Must watch. Lost.
Sue said…
Yea Deb..why two left feet?? You look like Eugene Levy in "Best in Show"....and did Publix really have stale corn chips two weeks in a row...My favorite is 1 cent milk week...

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