My Rendition of Simple Woman’s Daybook



Outside my window... the dormant trees surround me but there is no tell tale sign of emerging buds

I am thinking...of someday taking a fabulous vacation as we once experienced

I am thankful for...waking to live another day to the best of my abilities by being kind and tender hearted


From the kitchen...I hear a quiet idleness.  The sink is clean, as always, and the counters are immaculate

I am wearing... my black Gloria Vanderbilt jeans with my three quarter sleeve sweater

I am mother’s birthday present but I am short photos of her in her younger days

I am make oatmeal raisin cookies today.

I am reading...Deception Point by Dan Brown…this book was lost for about 6 months and it finally made its way

I am hoping...the employment comes our way very soon

I am hearing...noises from the living room as my hubby is rearranging the cords to the TV, recorder and other various electronic devices

Around the comforting, peaceful and homey

One of my favorite things...being able to lay in bed with my book and read until I tire of reading


A few plans for the rest of the week…nothing exciting really, but enjoying the lull.


Here is picture thought I am sharing... 



My roses from Valentine’s day are still looking pretty darn good!  Nothing says love like red roses.

If you wish to partake in Simple Woman’s Daybook, visit The Simple Woman's Daybook and share your day with us.


Chere said…
I could never get her drawning to download on my blog. I tried everything with no success. I love reading the other writings of my fellow bloggers. Have a great week.
Mental P Mama said…
I love these. So peaceful.
Sue said…
Things must be warmer up here in Cobb...I was out on the deck today and saw buds emerging from limbs that overhang the deck..I was happy, soon I won't be able to see the neighbor behind me....He walks around sans clothes....

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