Chester the Cat

Chester the cat
Lived a short life
He was loved by many
Human Dad
Human Mom
Human Grandma
Sister Feline Charlotte
Brother Canine Rocky
His life may have been short
But it was filled with happy cat times
Chester (Chest of Drawers) will be greatly missed.
Chester was the beloved cat belonging to my sister's family.


Mental P Mama said…
Oh no! So sorry. The Rainbow Bridge is getting crowded these days.
TSannie said…
It always hurts. I'm very sorry you lost your Chester.
Sue said…
Oh I'm so sorry....losing a pet is a very upsetting thing....but All Cats Go To Heaven....
Jeannelle said…
Oh, that's too bad. Miss Kitty is here with me at the computer and she sends her sympathies, too.
Country Girl said…
I love The Rainbow Bridge. RIP, dear kitty.
DesertHen said…
I'm so sorry. My kitty is in my lap as I read and type this and she too sends her sympathies. And The Rainbow Bridge poem is lovely!
It is never easy when our animals leave us!!
Mauigirl said…
So sorry to hear about Chester. It is too sad when we lose our pets, they never live long enough.

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