Lovely Weather

The weather has been so lovely
that I've managed to take the
little guy to the park.

Jack, a multi tasker, enjoyed swinging and clapping with delight!

My heart is full of love.

Enjoy the warmth of spring peaking around the corner!


Hi Deb...What a cutie! We have had some nice weather, haven't we?? Looking forward to March 2nd!!...Debbie
Grandma J said…
How cute is Jack! What a blessing he is to you. Multi-tasking at his age? Can you say "genuis"?
Jack is getting so BIG! I enjoy watching him grow. Yes, the spring temps were lovely yesterday and beckoned us outdoors.
Jana said…
Cute as a button! Hasn't this weather been the best? It gives you a whole new outlook on life!
Anonymous said…
He's a keeper!

I'm jealous of your spring weather!
imom said…
What a pure look of joy he is wearing!
Sue said…
I am so jealous that you get to spend time with Mr. Jack, he's getting so big.....and I'm so far away from Miss Sophie...luckily daughter sends pictures a few times a week....they do get big so very fast, you are so very lucky........See you soon.
Jeannelle said…
Besides swinging and clapping, Jack can be adorable, too. What a darling....what fun for you and your family!

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