The Grammy's According to Me

Being the old goat, grey haired, not a spring chicken anymore woman, I found myself watching the Grammy's this evening. Much to my surprise, I was entertained. Let me confess to you that my main focus this evening was to watch Desperate Housewives, so my husband hijacked the remote and channel surfed during commercials. Luckily, my trusty ole Tivo recorded the show for my full viewing pleasure sometime on Monday.
First, I was impressed with the courage and strength of Jennifer Hudson. No one could have endured her pain and suffering regarding her recent tragedy. As she proclaimed, faith and God guided her.
Secondly, and rather conversely, there was Kid Rock. Singing a melody of three songs off his latest release (and I knew them all)! What does that man have that attracts women of all ages? Is it that bad boy image?
Next memorable moment was Smokey Robinson and the Temptations with Jamie Fox and someone I don't know. OK, there...I am not hip! The Temptations have always been a favorite of mine and to hear them tonight, well, took me right back to my teens and twenties.
If Lady Antebellum played, I missed it. I am hoping that they did play their hit song "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" and I will be able to catch it later. If they didn't win a Grammy, I think they were robbed, truly. I love their combination of voices, harmony and just plain good looks.
Looking forward to listening to some great music, I'll enjoy watching the show at my pace, fast forwarding through the commercials and the artists I have no idea who they are, and just taking a moment to chill. It'll be "boss"!


I watched the red carpet pre-Grammy show (to get a better look at the various attire) and one hour of the Grammy's before switching to Desparate Housewives. I caught Kid Rock's medley and actually enjoyed it. You're right about Jennifer Hudson. I admire her greatly - her win over the more popular Al Green was well deserved. Although her appearance at the Super Bowl was pre-recorded, her voice sent shivers down my arms. Some artists I knew, others I didn't. I liked the duet with Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift - they are too cute for words!
Mental P Mama said…
I had it on in the background. I miss the good old days with real music like U2, Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins. I am so stinkin' old. Gah.
Anonymous said…
I didn't watch. Even with a program I wouldn't have known the players! You're braver than me!
imom said…
I did not watch, mostly because the music I love doesn't usually rate getting awards, which of course I don't understand! I took a hot, fragrant, bubbly bath. It was luscious!

I agree with your Jennifer Hudson comment! Could you imagine going throug that?!
R Susanna said…
I love Kid Rock's new song, but the man has got to do something with his wash it AND gain some wieght. He is way too skinny!

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