Medicare…I am Afraid

Here’s why our health care doesn’t work…

A Medicare Summary Notice (that is not a bill) arrived for services provided for my MIL while in the nursing home the end of last year. The service

was a pedicure. It goes down like this….

Amount Charged $51.00

Medicare Approved $38.40

Medicare Paid $19.20

Amount May Owe $16.32

Now I don’t know about you, but when I can afford a pedicure at my local salon, the works sets me back $38.00 plus tip. I have the benefit of the luscious massage chair, my favorite beverage provided to me, all the trashy magazines I can read in an hour, the color of my choice for my pink little toes, a leg massage with wonderful exfoliating scrub, hot wax treatment and fantastic alone time with myself. For a sum of $30.00, I can get less frills but still have pretty little toes.

Why not have the local salons do this work for half the price? My feeling is they would jump at the chance to provide pedicures for the elderly for $20 bucks a shot. Just tote their supplies to the nursing homes and voila…capitalism at its best.

Everybody wins!


Mauigirl said…
I'll bet they didn't get the leg massage or any of that good stuff. I like your idea of bringing in local pedicurists instead. If Medicare tried harder to reduce costs you know they could.

My local place, which is a one-person salon run by a lovely lady named Lee, only charges $17 for the full pedicare (with massage, etc.) Even with the tip, it is a great bargain.

I totally agree that there is something seriously wrong with this system.

BTW, I tagged you for a meme if you want to play!
Sue said…
Now that is a capital idea...You should suggest that to someone....Who? I don't know but it's a good idea....and Medicare is a bit wacky...I think National healthcare is a very bad idea...
Mauigirl said…
Send a note to President Obama on his website. I think he still has a place where real people can go to make suggestions!
Anonymous said…
A high quality pedicure in this area would run about $50-60. So I guess this a deal.

I'd assume care for elder feet to be what my grammy got in her nursing home... soak, exfoliate callouses, trim toenails. It should take a nail tech only half the time as a full pedicure, but my experience working on elder feet is that they are often quite neglected, have circulation issues and require twice as much time as you booked for them.
imom said…
When my grandmas was in the nursing home they brought in local hair stylists, but I'm not sure about other beauty services. I know she got her nails and feet done too, but I'm not sure by who.

I like the idea of using local services. It's a win win for everyone.
With the downturn in the economy, I have given up pedicures as a cost savings measure. I may start up again during the summer months. I visit a nail salon where I have been a loyal customer for 10 years. I don't get drinks served to me nor is there a supply of reading material, but I get all the rest for $25.00 ($30 with a 20% tip). Now I buff my feet for free with a $10 Ped Egg. Not the same wonderful feeling, but I'm saving $$.
Nursing home and Medicare regulations require that a podiatrist cares for elderly toes. Too many medical issues (read: potential lawsuits) for beauty techs or even nurses to do foot care. Seriously.

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