I Have the Craft Gene

I love to create.  Period. 

Give me paper, a little glue, something sparkly and I’m a happy camper.

Since I was a child, I would say that I was one of those people tagged as crafty. 

I firmly believe that this craftiness is not

necessarily learned, but injected into a tiny piece of DNA. 

By no means do I consider myself an expert.  Oh No! 

There is always something to learn, stamp, ink, glue or embellish.

Here are a few cards I managed to create. 

In my mind, there is a subtle ramp to my creativeness. 

Perhaps it would be

referred to as “being in the Zone”.   


With this card, I wasn’t in the zone.  Not at all, but I was getting my creative juices flowing. 


Inside, a clever little mirror for the recipient to see their likeness.  Yeah, it’s hokey, but it is going to a young person. 


A little better, in my mind, of course.  I began to use some of my tools and punches. 


 On the back of my handiwork, I use this little bee stamp from Stamps By Judith.  My name is from the Hebrew language. 

Deborah means bee.  There you go! 


Now this card I am really proud of. 

After searching through 5 boxes of my rubber stamps, I was looking for this specific hyacinth stamp from Hero Arts

Amazingly, I found it rather quickly much to my surprise.

The other stamp I used I picked up at one of the shows last year. 

Can’t tell you the manufacturer, well, I could but I am lazy and don’t really want to look it up right now….

but don’t you love the fact that you can create this

window pane effect?  I’ve used this stamp on a photograph.  Marvelous!


Here’s the inside of the card.  Usually, I try to but something exciting on the inside as well. 

I hate getting a card that just has a plain piece of

paper on the inside.  This has a three dimensional effect achieved by using pop dots.


 The photo opt was interrupted by “Will the Cat” who insisted that I pay some attention to him.

I think I heard him mumbling something about “She’s doing that blasted silly paper hobby again….”


I can’t tell you how long this stamp has lived in my stamp arsenal.

“It” finally came to me to use my Tombo Markers to color the verbiage in black

and the lips in pinks and reds. 


Here’s another stamp purchased from one of the vendors we travelled with last year. 

I love to color the features with my watercolor pencils and then

smudge the color with my Dove Blender.

The Dove Blender was one of my biggest sellers.  Very popular and very easy to use. 


Using a tool from Basic Grey that I have not used in years. 

Here’s a little secret.

Just between you and me.

I don’t think I ever used the tool. 

Shhh…don’t tell hubby.


So that wraps it up.  All about cards have been mailed out to my loving family members.

Only have three more to make and perhaps I can really hit the creative zone.



Country Girl said…
You crafty wench, you!!
Mental P Mama said…
Deb, these are absolutely gorgeous! You need to put these in your etsy shop. I'm serious.
imom said…
Love the one where you used the watercolor pencils! You definitely have the "crafty" gene. My mom makes cards too and I'm always amazed with what she comes up with.
R Susanna said…
I love that round card even if you weren't in the zone. It's so cute.
~Vanessa~ said…
Just Gorgeous! I second the Etsy shop comment!
Sue said…
What terrific cards...you talented lady..I loved the one with the lips, so very cute...Have you ever been to the huge stamp store off the square in Marietta??
Anonymous said…
Yes, you have the crafty gene! It skipped me. I got the techie gene instead!

Nice work!
Maria said…
They are all lovely, handmade cards, so special (I'm not so crafty though)
Oh Deb...Love your cards! Love Will the cat...he would enjoy meeting my staff... and love your name! Yes, I am also Deborah. My mom named me that becasue she was reading the Bible through the year she was pregnant with me! I am lucky that I didn't get some of the other Biblical names!! Can't wait to meet you on March 2nd!!!...Debbie
Miss_Nobody said…
lovely cards,i loved that violet vday card and the round card,they are sooo sweet!

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