Ode to My Nephew

What can I say about my nephew that people don’t already know?

He is silly and always finding ways to make people laugh.

I have witnessed his talent for playing the trombone. 

He literally will blow your socks off.

Always the clown, it is difficult to get a family picture without seeing his lovely Jerry Lewis grin!




His love for animals is never ending and always shows his kind heart and concern.

Let no garage sale go unturned when he is near as his negotiating skills are deadly.

Pizza, cinnamon toast and weird snack combinations are his forte.

When the basement of his house flooded a year ago, his only question was “did you save the Wii?”


It seems as though it was yesterday that this little guy was born, so cute and cuddly.

Now 14 years have passed in the blink of an eye. 

Driving is not far off.  Gasp!

Soon, college will be on his door step.

Ah, such a fine young man…the apple of my eye!

P.S.  and your present will be late…again!


Grandma J said…
Life comes at you fast....and gets faster and faster.

Happy birthday to your nephew
Sue said…
What a lovely little post...your nephew is lucky to have you as his aunt...Happy Birthday nephew...
What a nice tribute to your nephew. Lovely post, Deb!
Mental P Mama said…
How adorable is that guy??? Happiest of Birthdays!
Chere said…
I just love 13-14 year old boys. They are so fun. Boys this age remind me of puppies with big feet. He looks like a honey. Happy Birthday.
Hi Deb!! He looks like a cute little guy!! They do grow up fast, don't they?? See you soon!!...Debbie

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