Trains, Planes and Automobiles

This morning, my lovely daughter and grandson drove me to the North Point Marta station so I could return to my husband in St Louis. As I grabbed my bags and kissed them both good bye, I became teary eyed knowing that I was leaving my loved ones behind. After I boarded the train, I was feeling excited about seeing my husband. It seems as though we have been separated for months but in reality, it's only been about 2 weeks.
Marta is the way to go, let me tell you. The train is clean, cool and whisks through the city, leaving cars and traffic behind. For a mere $2.25, it was quite the bargain.
As for Air Tran, they are my new favorite airline. If your departure time is 12:30, you can bet that your plane is pulling away from the gate.
Upon landing, on time, in St Louis, I was greeted by my Fred. :) Again, we choose the Metro to return to the RV.
Steve Martin would be proud!


Your visit has already come to an end? I'm disappointed we didn't get together for dinner while you were here. When will you return? I'm sure you were incredibly busy with your daughter and new grandson. Don't stay away too long, Deb. They grown in a blink of the eye. Hope to see you soon! In the meantime, keep blogging so we may stay in touch. Miss you!
Deb said…
Hi Debra, Fred flys home on Monday and returns Friday. We should be back around the 23rd of June. I talked to Chere and told her I intend to see you guys then if you are available because I would so love that!
I can't believe Jamie's baby bump already! Isn't she around 3 months pregnant? Is she feeling good, feeling different? Does she feel as if this may be a little girl?

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