Feeble Attempt

While staying at this lovely state park setting, I went on a little nature walk yesterday. Nature was calling me enjoy the greenery, trees and the just to take in the sweet smell of the Illinois black dirt. Having been born and raised in Illinois and then moved to Gerogia in 1983, I missed the smell of the rich, farming soil. Nothing is as wonderful than to turn over a spade of dirt and get the shot of what farmer's consider black gold.It is in this rich soil that much of our grain source is grown. Fresh corn on the cob is the best when grown in the farm country in the Mid West.

Back to my ill attempt at photography, I was certain that this would be a great photo, however, the lense on my camera is great for people shots, it is not the preferred method for nature shots. Already owning a great zoom lense, I was hoping against all hopes that it would fit on my Rebel, but no such luck.

Sadly, until such time that allows me to enlarge my photography equipment, I will restrain posting any close up shots.


Chere said…
Deb, What lense do you have? Maybe I can help with close ups. There is something about the smells of home. Our Georgia red clay has a smell of its own. When they were landscaping our yard the smell was wonderful. Sounds like you and Fred are still enjoying being on the road. I know that the two of you really miss baby Jack. Keep us posted.
Country Girl said…
It's not as bad as you think it is!
My in-laws had an RV for years. They bought one as soon as dad retired from his work and traveled all around the country and down to Mexico. We would meet up with them at Shenandoah National Park and parks that weren't too far of a drive from our home. Those were good times. They're older now and have since sold the RV but I miss being with them. What fun we had!

I like your little travel map at the bottom. That's pretty cool.

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