Taking on the Challenge of Brisket

Are you a recipe freak? I mean, do you read a recipe and then run out to the store to gather all the ingredients? Sometimes, my mouth drools when reading the ingredients of a recipe. I know, right off the bat whether or not a recipe will be a crowd pleaser.
I do consider myself a good cook, but traveling the US in our RV really restricts my culinary skills. My kitchen is very, very small, so when I read a recipe on Pioneer Woman's blog for brisket, I know my only hope of trying out a new recipe is in a real kitchen. I mean, where would I even fit a brisket in my little fridge?
Here's the status thus far...the brisket is about 11 pounds and currently, all of the flavors are marinading in the refrigerator, beef consume, soy sauce, fresh garlic, fresh lemon juice and hickory liquid smoke. Tomorrow morning, somewhere between the dark of night and sunlight, one of the four adults here will place the brisket in a 300 degree oven. This recipe requires slow roasting for up to 8 hours. My mouth is watering again...can you hear me slurp?
So tell me what was the most challenging recipe you ever undertook and I will share with you the story about when my little sister made my fiance hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls. Hehehehe


Oooo...sorry. I used to cook years ago, but I gave that up about 10 years ago when we moved to Georgia. With Pete away 5 of 7 days, I'm not interested in cooking for one. But you can invite me for brisket and I'll bring a bottle (or two!) or wine.
Country Girl said…
Hi! I was still working back and forth on the post when I noticed I already had a comment. It happens sometimes. I find a word mispelled or the picture isn't in the right place.

Thanks for stopping by to visit. Debra has been visiting for awhile and I had no idea she actually had a blog because she doesn't leave a signature photo and her profile doesn't carry the blog.

I am not a good cook. I am able to cook, but must have all the ingredients. I can certainly follow a recipe and when I saw that brisket recipe on PW's site, I have been hungering for it ever since!

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